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Chief County Assessment Office
Property Tax Relief

General Homestead Exemption
(Owner Occupied Exemption)

This exemption lowers the equalized assessed value of your property up to $6,000. To receive this exemption, you must:

  • Have owned and occupied the property on or before January 1st of the assessment year.
  • Apply for this exemption at your Township Assessor's Office.

You may qualify for this exemption under the following conditions:

  • Must be a single family residence.
  • Must have a leasehold interest (lease) on the property.
  • Must be occupied as a residence, by a person who has an ownership interest therein (legal, equitable or as a lessee).
  • The person who has the ownership interest must be liable for the payment of property taxes.
  • Must not have applied for a General Homestead Exemption for any other property as of January 1st of the assessment year, in this, or any other county, in any state.
  • The property must have been your principal dwelling place as of January 1, of the assessment year.
  • Must submit a true and accurate copy of the lease, including the provision, which requires you to pay real estate taxes.
  • You must apply for this exemption at your Township Assessor's Office.

If you should have any questions, you may call or write the Chief County Assessors Office or contact your Township Assessor.

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